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The Passion Project

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In the face of school closures due to COVID-19, how do we empower students to take ownership of their learning from home?

One option is to take traditional lessons and transfer them online... but there are still plenty of kids who struggle to be engaged even in a normal classroom. So, what happens when they're at home?

Imagine if... we saw this as an opportunity to empower kids!

The Passion Project offers an alternative to transferring learning online.

By putting student passion at the center of learning, students can engage with topics and information that is exciting to THEM.

The Passion Project takes students through a general Project-Based Learning process so they are engaging with important real-life skills like time management, online collaboration and self-reliance. It can be used in a normal classroom, but this version is designed for remote, home and online learning environments.

There's a Teacher Guide, Student Toolbox and Parent Letter. Feel free to use it, change it and share it.



53 Hacks for the

Physically Distanced Classroom

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Reopening schools is not easy.

Many countries are enforcing strict guidelines to limit the spread of Covid-19 when students and teachers return to physical buildings. While there is a clear need for students to be socially distanced when they return, unfortunately many of these restrictions conflict with the values of Project-Based Learning.

The lively and active classroom that buzzes with student freedom, collaboration and the messiness of real-learning seems difficult to imagine in these circumstances.

In response to this, we've put together "53 Hacks for the Socially Distanced Classroom." Our hope is learning can still represent the values of Project-Based Learning: it can still be authentic, student-owned, collaborative, active and integrated even when there are restrictions.

This guide is designed to give inspiration and spark new ideas in a situation that can easily be overwhelmed with limitations. Please use, share and distribute to teachers who may find it useful.