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Loni talking about PBL and school change on the The EdgeUp Podcast with Dr. Stacey Gonzales

From the EdgeUp Podcast Website:

Welcome back to America‘s premier K12 education podcast! In this fantastic episode of The EdUp Edge Dr. Stacey Gonzales speaks with Loni Bergqvist, a teacher who founded Imagine If which focuses on change-work through project-based learning. She has worked both in the US and internationally.

In this episode, we explore how seeing the "ripples" in education can be viewed to make even larger waves of change. Even though you may not see each ripple at its inception, Loni knows how to make just the right amount of ripples to make large waves in the education space.

Loni imagines how falling in love with the idea that school can look and feel different is not only a powerful way to change the education system, but it is also a way to make large waves that result in different outcomes. In this dynamic episode, we explore how to “find your tribe,” create a positive leadership culture, and start a global conversation to bring wave-crashing change to education.


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