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Reimagining Education with Passion, Projects and Purpose: Loni talks with the EduCrush Podcast

In nearly every field of work, we are quick to jump on the latest and greatest strategy which leads to a habitual focus on what we do, rather than a deeper analysis about why we do it. Project-based learning (PBL) threatens to fall into this trap, but not if Loni Bergqvist has anything to do about it. Loni discovered a purpose-driven passion for PBL as a teacher at High Tech High in San Diego and has been on a quest to bring it to the world. She is currently the founding partner of “Imagine If” a Denmark-based organization that aims to reimagine education to be authentic, collaborative, student-owned, and equitable through PBL.

Show notes:

  • Describing the educational mecca that is High Tech High. (7:41)

  • Staying grounded in the “why” behind project-based learning. (11:55)

  • The biggest challenge faced when trying to scale the magic of High Tech High to other contexts. (14:00)

  • Reimagining education has less to do with great projects, and more to do with change management. (22:00)

  • The ongoing project of helping adults to collaborate in schools. (31:00)

  • Exploring how schools can live in a space of continuous innovation and improvement. (36:31)

  • Giving ourselves permission to cry and to feel joy. (41:45)

  • Loni’s advice for those who want to dip their toes into project-based learning. (44:00)

  • The purpose of education. (50:10


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