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Setting The Stage For PBL

I've seen schools that are successful with going from traditional teaching to using project-based learning.

And I've seen schools that are not.

🤔What's the difference? What are the conditions that make a school successful?

A lot of people would say things like: fancy facilities, enthusiastic teachers, private/free/charter schools, unlimited budgets.

🤑I've seen schools thrive with PBL in old buildings with limited budgets.

🧐I've seen schools thrive with teachers who are skeptical at first.

😬I've seen schools thrive that are traditional, public and under many constraints. Believe it or not, the key is in the leadership.

Schools that thrive with PBL have leaders who do things differently.

They understand and know that making meaningful change requires an investment of time, resources and passion. Transitioning a whole school to using PBL is not a quick-fix or an easy solution. Leaders who are successful with PBL embrace the long-game and know that in the end that kids are worth it.

There are 8 things great leaders of PBL schools do, even before the first workshop. Before implementing at your school, please consider these steps. I promise it will pay off.


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