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The Passion Project Documents (English and Ukrainian)

The crisis in Ukraine has left millions of people displaced- many of them families with children.

As these children begin the difficult process to integrate into a new school, they are inevitably met with so many unknown things: new people, a new country, a new language and a new normal.

We have translated The Passion Project into Ukrainian in hopes that children might find some comfort in starting in their new school by doing something they are curious about... something they already might know about. And start this exploration in their own language.

Our hope is that children can find some safety in school right now. The Passion Project takes students through a general Project-Based Learning process so they are engaging with important real-life skills like time management, collaboration and self-reliance. It can be used in a normal in-person environment or in an online setting.

There is both an English version and Ukrainian version, both of are the same. Feel free to use it, change it and share it.


Student Toolbox Ukrainian
Download DOCX • 1.04MB

Teacher Guide Ukrainian
Download DOCX • 506KB

Parent Letter Ukrainian
Download DOCX • 287KB

Student Toolbox English
Download DOCX • 990KB

Teacher Guide English
Download DOCX • 486KB

Parent Letter English
Download DOCX • 288KB


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