Things people usually ask.

We already teach projects, how is this different? 

Project-based learning and project work are two very different things. At a typical school, projects are seen as a hands-on or craft activity that follows a unit of learning. Is the fun 'making' part of school and may last for a few days or students need to do it on the weekend. Project-based learning is a full-time methodology. It's a mindset that students learn by doing. Teachers design projects so students hit learning goals by going through the process of making the project, but the ownership is on the students to decide how they will complete it.

How long does a project last? 

It depends! Some projects are shorter and last only a few weeks while others might need months! The most important thing is the time fits the ambition of the products and audience. Generally projects that are shorter than a few weeks are difficult to execute well because drafting, giving feedback, preparing for exhibition and reflecting all take a significant amount of time to do well! 

Do you bring all the tools? 

Yes we do! For all of our support, we provide the materials in a paper and digital (and editable) form. 

What does it take to transform a whole school to using project-based learning? 

Depending on the vision, ambition and culture of the school, it can take one year to several to make a complete transformation to working with project-based learning full-time. It's important to remember that project-based learning is not a box of tricks and tools, it is a mindset that usually requires the adults to change and adapt to, first. This doesn't happen overnight. Each school (team and teacher!) must also find their best way to work with project-based learning that fits their style and values. Schools that already have experience with innovation and have built a professional culture of collaboration, reflection and problem-solving will find a quicker transition time than schools where teachers are working primarily in isolation. But each school is different and we evaluate and discuss this before deciding a transformation strategy. 

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I'm a teacher. Can you just help me? 

Sure! Let us know what you need help with and we can find a solution. We can visit your school and do some planning together or we can also do some planning/coaching sessions via Skype. 

You are based in Denmark. What languages do you work in? 

We currently work most comfortably in English, though we are working on Danish translations of all our planning documents and tools. We are also a rapidly growing team, hoping to add colleagues who can work in Danish.