• Loni Bergqvist

Lessons in Project-Based Learning

One of the most common misconceptions I hear about Project-Based Learning is that students are working on open-ended and unstructured projects all day, every day. And it's chaos.

Actually, it's not.

At least not all the time. 🤪

There is still room for "traditional teaching" in Project-Based Learning. Teacher-led instruction can be relevant and an important part of the process. There can even be <GASP> lectures! Yes, I said it!

So, how does that work in Project-Based Learning?

"Traditional teaching" is not a contradiction to PBL as long as we ask ourselves:

-WHY are we teaching the content?

-WHEN is it relevant to students?

-HOW are students actively engaging with the material?

Here are some principles to guide lesson design when using Project-Based Learning.

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