Teacher Roles in Project-Based Learning

💡How can we re-imagine what it means to be a teacher?

When I moved from teaching in a traditional public school to teaching at High Tech High, there was a definite change in my role as a teacher.

At my old school, I was:

👩🏼‍🏫Master of my classroom

🧐Expert in my subject

👑Queen of my students

📋Driver of results

Working with project-based learning changed all that. My mindset needed to change and the way I worked with students and colleagues needed to change, too. I was still a "teacher" but I needed to re-imagine my role and re-define what success was in this new environment.

Luckily, I was surrounded by some of the most thoughtful, reflective and experienced PBL teachers in the world. I learned a lot from them about being a teacher and what was needed to grow my own competencies in project-based learning.

The best PBL teachers I know are:





Imagine if... this was the description of being a teacher in all schools?

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