Our project-based learning support.

Whole School Transformation

2 days per week

Weekly on-site support 

For schools interested in ambitious and lasting change

Sample activities:



transformation plan 

School vision development 

Whole-staff workshops 

Project planning support

Classroom support/co-teaching key techniques 

Teaching observation and feedback 

Facilitated reflection sessions

Leadership coaching 

Parent communication templates


Project planning documents, examples and resources 

Light Support

2-3 days per month

Monthly on-site support

Sample activities:

Strategic support plan 

School vision discussion 

Implementing teams workshops

Project planning support 

Facilitated reflection sessions 

Leadership coaching session 

Project planning documents, examples and resources 

Guest Speaking

Conferences, staff days,

special group events

Sample activities:

What is project-based learning?

The future of work and the shift in education

Hands-on, heads-on, hearts-on Learning

Authentic learning experiences

Audience and Exhibition 

Supporting student collaboration 

Teaching at High Tech High 

21st Century Skills 

Student-driven assessment practices 

Establishing a growth-mindset in learning design


Small to mid-size groups 

Hourly or multi-day

Sample activities:

Project-based learning basics

Year project planning

Individual project planning (with teams) 

Preparing for Exhibition

(whole-school or project)

Assessment practices in project-based learning 

The Project Experience 

(be a student and complete an authentic project)

(3-5 day minimum)

Community Connections Experience 

(spend time with local organizations and design projects around the community)

(2 day minimum)

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All of our support is tailored to meet the needs of our clients, including support activities, project-based learning design and tools, timing of implementation, etc.  

In addition to our project-based learning support, our portfolio is continuously evolving with each new client.

We work with any idea that falls under our design principles.

Don't hesitate to reach out with big, crazy, ambitious projects! We love them and would love to collaborate!