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learning is 

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Engage students in authentic learning

Empower students with skills for the future 

What is project-based learning? 

Project based learning is a pedagogical approach where students work with developing solutions and creating products that address a real-world problem, challenge or question.

Through this process, students must collaborate to use knowledge, skills and feedback to improve their work.

Projects (products+process) are presented to an authentic audience at an exhibition.

Students document their work in a portfolio and formally reflect on their learning during the project and at the end.

Projects combine the head, hands and heart while engaging students in authentic and meaningful work.

Students do work that matters.

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Why is project-based learning so powerful? 

Every country in the world is on the cusp of an education revolution. 

They are asking two questions:

1. How do we engage more students in their own learning at school? 

2. How do we give students the necessary skills to navigate the rapidly-changing workforce? 

Project-based learning addresses both of these questions by allowing teachers to create projects that are personally relevant, engaging and authentic to the real-world around students.

Projects break down the walls of school so students can see how their learning is relevant beyond the purpose of fulfilling a requirement for an examination. 

The unique structure and process of a project priorities 21st Century Skill learning in addition to rich content knowledge by making learning collaborative, subject integrated and wholistic. 

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