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Share your projects with the world

Dear teacher, 

Thank you for putting your creative spirit and caring nature into creating exciting projects for all the students out there.

We know how helpful it is to be inspired by projects other people have done, and here is your chance to be one of those people. 

In Imagine If we are starting to gather project examples especially from a Danish context, that can inspire others to do great work.

We would be more than grateful if you want to take your time to fill out the form below to share your project with the world. 
We will let you know when your project is live on the website.

Thank you! 

Please fill out following


Please upload as least 5 different pictures from the project. 

Only pictures without kids faces. 


If you have any materials you want to share please upload them. It could be a backwards plan, student materials, parent informations etc. 


Thank you!

We will send you an email, when your project is uploaded to the website!

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