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An interview with Imagine If’s newest team member: Jonas!

What is your professional background?

I am a primary school teacher and have worked for 6 years at Kvaglundskolen in Esbjerg, which, during my employment, transitioned to project-based learning (PBL). In my first years as a teacher, science and technology played a significant role, and even though I now have a sharper eye on the wide range of subjects in primary school, deep down, I am still a nerd! For the last four years of my professional life, I have worked as a consultant. Initially at Insero Education and later at FabLab Silkeborg as a consultant for Silkeborg Kommunes Team åben skole og praksisfaglighed. My primary responsibilities have been teaching educators, while simultaneously working on strategic development in the schools across the municipality, with the goal of strengthening a more hands on teaching practice.

Why did you decide to join Imagine If?

In the past years, I have worked with a few employees across various schools in Silkeborg Kommune. It has been a great privilege, and I have enjoyed going to work every day. However, I do miss working more intensively with specific schools, where I believe the interaction between the school's overall strategy, practice competency development and learning conversations with staff can have a significant positive impact on students' learning and personal development. That is why I am excited to start at Imagine if, as they strongly support these aspects.

What drives your work with education? What do you care most about?

I am driven to create a teaching practice where immersion, communication, motivation, collaboration, and creativity are key elements. It is important to me that we offer a diverse school day characterized by joyful learning, collaboration, and academic diversity. In short, a school day that focuses on student well-being.

Finish the sentence related to your biggest dreams about schools ... Imagine If...

Imagine a teaching practice where academic knowledge and practical skills are not seen as opposites.

What do you like to do in your free time?

In addition to being a family man, I spend my free time on sports and physical activities. I enjoy cycling and, after several years of playing volleyball and football, I have taken up climbing and train my daughter's football team. I love working with my hands and I’m primarily responsible for renovating our 70s house. This means there is always a new project that either I or my wife can initiate.


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