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PBL Workshops.

Whether you are new or experienced in PBL, we have a wide range of half-day workshops that can both inspire and develop your practice.

Our workshops are hands-on, active and include many processes that can be used directly with students in the classroom. We can work with group sizes from 10-150 and can be facilitated in English or Danish.

Our workshops are categorized within 5 areas:

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PBL Fundament.
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These workshops helps you get a foundational understanding of PBL and get a good start with PBL.

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Introduction to PBL

Create a shared understanding of PBL theory and practice by exploring elements of projects, examples and an introduction to planning tools.  

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Up-cycling of projects

Denmark has a long history with project-work in schools… how do we take existing projects we love to do with students and turn them into authentic and truly engaging projects driven by the elements of PBL? Participants will take a project they’ve done before and build it into a PBL project with more learning by doing and real-world connection. 

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Authentic collaboration

Explore how PBL can be a powerful bridge for learning experiences outside the walls of school. Learn from specific examples of projects that bring in experts from the professional world, immerse students in authentic collaborations with companies and can support an intern/mentorship approach to learning. 

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Create your own project

Dive into project planning by going through the process of planning a project with our fantastic facilitators. Use our project planning tools, understand helpful planning protocols that help with team collaboration and end with the start of a real project to try! 

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PBL in Subjects

How can PBL support deep learning in individual subjects? Explore how PBL can support authentic learning without working interdisciplinary. This workshop can be arranged with specific subject areas or as a whole-school approach to PBL.  

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Planning your project

How do we move from theoretical project planning into schedules and daily planning? Backwards planning offers a strategic way to start project planning at the end of the project and break planning into milestones, design-sprints and check-in’s along the way. In this workshop, participants will backwards plan a project they are working with to understand the method. 

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Project tuning

Imagine if you already had the competences in your staff to plan engaging and authentic projects? In this workshop, participants will bring project ideas to colleagues and by using a Project Tuning Protocol, receive practical feedback that helps move everyone forward. Create a culture of continuous learning and collaboration by leveraging Project Tunings with PBL. 

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PBL Deep Dives.
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Workshops that invites for deep investigation and becoming an expert in a small part of PBL.

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Crafting Powerful Exhibitions of Learning

Learn to leverage public work as a powerful tool for assessment and authentic audience in PBL. Gain practical strategies to design and execute student exhibitions of learning that spotlight both products and process.

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Work Through Craftmanship

High quality products and “beautiful work” in Project-Based Learning doesn’t happen by accident… in this workshop we explore the relationship between craftsmanship and helping students produce work that they’re proud of. Based on the work of Ron Berger, a recommended reading in preparation of this workshop is “An Ethic of Excellence”. 

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Visual Tools for Students

Uncover practical tools and strategies to enhance student understanding, ownership and engagement in PBL by incorporating visual tools at the child’s level. Tools like visual processes, SCRUM Boards and project walls make PBL accessible for all children, especially those with special needs. 

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What Do The Walls Say?

When you walk through your school, what do the walls say? About learning? About authentic work? About children? Learn how “curating” student work after projects can transform the visual culture of your school. See examples from schools around the world and learn practical processes for curation at your school. 

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Drafting and feedback processes

Dive deep into the process of ”drafting and feedback” in PBL by exploring techniques for building classroom cultures that nurture a growth mindset. Learn processes that include: 

examining models of work, co-creating success criteria with students and strategies for peer-to-peer feedback. 

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Hands-on Protocols

After the foundation is set for PBL and the planning of projects is in place, how can we incorporate PBL philosophy into our daily teaching in projects? Dive into the world of classroom protocols that create opportunities for teachers to facilitate and students to construct knowledge and collaborate every day. These protocols are used as foundational PBL practices at schools like High Tech High and Expeditionary Learning Schools. 

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Supporting Students with Special Needs

Be ready to challenge the assumption that not all students can do PBL… learn about schools working with students who have ADHD, ADD, Autism and how they have used PBL to leverage inclusion and student learning. Explore specific strategies to help students with a diverse set of needs thrive with PBL. 

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Engaging Question

Designed to help elevate student engagement through impactful questioning in Project-Based Learning (PBL). Learn how to create powerful engaging questions that motivate, capture and launch transformative learning in PBL. 

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Boosting Student Voice and Choice

Within the frames of project planning, explore how to co-create projects with children from deciding the idea, creating opportunities for choice in the process and empowering children throughout the process while still ensuring key learning outcomes and a community learning experience. 

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Enhancing Literacy through Book Clubs

Uncover practical strategies for using Book Clubs in Danish lessons to support PBL and allow students to go deeper into understanding of the project’s question and theme. Learn how to set up Book Clubs with any age, how to facilitate the clubs and connect the content to the project. 

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Conditions to support PBL.
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Workshops that address organizational, process and cultural challenges with a focus on creating the best conditions for success with PBL.

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Team Collaboration in PBL (Staff)

This workshop guides you in fostering effective team collaboration within Project-Based Learning (PBL). Gain practical strategies to strengthen teamwork, enhance communication, and elevate the overall effectiveness of your PBL initiatives.

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Engaging Stakeholders

This workshop is your guide to showcasing and garnering support for Project-Based Learning (PBL) initiatives during school board meetings. Gain practical strategies to effectively communicate the impact of PBL, fostering understanding and support from key stakeholders.

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Onboarding New Staff Members 

This program is crafted to guide your school through a seamless onboarding process to embrace Project-Based Learning (PBL). Learn how to introduce PBL principles, engage educators, and foster a culture of innovation. Gain practical strategies for successful implementation and a lasting impact on teaching and learning experiences.

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Meeting Facilitators in PBL

This workshop is your guide to enhancing facilitation skills within Project-Based Learning (PBL). Gain practical strategies to lead dynamic and productive meetings, fostering collaboration, innovation, and effective communication in the PBL context.

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A Guide on Talking to Parents

This workshop is designed to equip educators with effective strategies for communicating the benefits of Project-Based Learning (PBL) to parents. Learn how to address common concerns, showcase success stories, and build a shared understanding with parents about the transformative impact of PBL on their child's education. Gain practical communication skills to foster support and collaboration between educators and parents in the PBL journey.

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PBL Organization

Explore strategies for efficient time management and harnessing the collective talent within your school community to support Project-Based Learning (PBL). Learn how to organize schedules, allocate resources, and engage stakeholders effectively, ensuring a harmonious and productive PBL environment. Gain practical insights to streamline processes and maximize the impact of PBL on student learning.

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Creating a Shared Vision for PBL

This workshop guides you in collaboratively establishing a shared vision for effective Project-Based Learning (PBL) implementation. Gain practical strategies to align goals, inspire teamwork, and cultivate a culture of innovation within your educational community.

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Developing Your PBL Handbook

This session guides you through the process of defining frames and creating a comprehensive PBL Handbook. Learn how to establish a clear framework, articulate expectations, and provide a valuable resource for teachers and stakeholders. Gain practical insights to ensure successful implementation and alignment with your educational goals

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Leading the PBL Transformation

Explore effective leadership strategies to guide your institution through a successful transformation towards Project-Based Learning (PBL). Gain practical insights into fostering a culture of innovation, building consensus, and inspiring collective action. Be the driving force for positive change in your educational community.

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Student-Centered Assessment.
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Workshops that help you put students at the center of their own learning by strengthening their voice and choice. We are working on a change of mindset through concrete tools and protocols.

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Student-Led Conference

Turn your traditional parent/teacher conference into a powerful tool for student-empowerment with student-led conferences. Gain practical knowledge about what a student-led conference is, how to prepare students, what content is important and what practical arrangements are needed.  

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Developing and Assessing 21st Century Skills

This workshop is your guide to cultivating and assessing essential 21st-century skills within Project-Based Learning (PBL). Gain practical strategies to empower students with the skills needed for success in a dynamic and ever-evolving world.

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Presentation of Learning

This workshop guides you in enhancing the effectiveness of student presentations within Project-Based Learning (PBL). Gain practical strategies to empower students in communicating their learning journey, fostering confidence, and creating meaningful connections with their audience."

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Crafting Dynamic Student Portfolios

This workshop is your guide to implementing and optimizing the use of student portfolios within Project-Based Learning (PBL). Gain practical strategies to showcase student growth, document achievements, and create a powerful tool for reflection and assessment

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Innovative Education.
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Workshops that can shake things up, challenge status quo and play with innovative approaches to learning.

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AI & ChatGPT in the Classroom

Discover how to harness the power of ChatGPT to enhance classroom engagement, facilitate learning, and inspire creativity. Learn practical strategies for integrating AI into lesson plans and creating interactive educational experiences. Join us in navigating the exciting intersection of technology and education.

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Experimenting with Exams

Learn how to seamlessly integrate Experiment Exams, empower students with impactful portfolios, and leverage case studies to support a holistic understanding of student performance. Gain practical insights to transform assessment into a dynamic tool for student growth and achievement.

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The Passion Project

Dive into the transformative world of Passion Projects, where students take the lead in exploring their interests and unleashing their creativity. Learn how to foster a culture of self-directed learning, inspire curiosity, and cultivate a love for exploration. Gain practical insights to guide students on a journey of discovery and personal growth.

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Beyond the Makerspace

Discover innovative strategies to infuse the creative and hands-on spirit of makerspaces into broader PBL initiatives. Learn how to amplify student engagement, foster experimentation, and cultivate a culture of innovation within your educational community.

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We also love creating workshops that specifically fit the needs of schools. 

Our workshops generally run 4 hours. Pricing starts at 15.000 DKK (excluding VAT and travel) and is calculated based on group size and planning time needed for bespoke workshops. Prices include all resources and tools. 

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