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Supporting Whole School Change

When I was working with a consultant to start Imagine If, I was told I had a "bad business plan" because I refused to measure the success of our company in numbers.

😳I told him it doesn't matter to me how many workshops we do or on-line courses we sell or how many schools we work at.

🤷🏼‍♀️What matters to me is lasting, meaningful change in schools.

Don't get me wrong. Workshops, on-line courses and consultants have valuable things to offer schools. Meaningful change is extremely difficult without the knowledge that they provide!

🧩But knowledge about PBL practices does not mean change. Using PBL is only one part of the puzzle. If the other conditions around school remain the same, PBL will never thrive. PBL will become the next edu-fad that just didn't work.

🗯"Remember the time when everybody tried PBL?"

District and school leaders can support any pedagogical change by first understanding that little is accomplished by isolated workshops, no matter how awesome they are. Deep and lasting change takes time, resources and dedication.

Dedication to re-imagining all aspects of school, not only the changes on the surface.


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