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Game Changers Podcast: Loni Bergqvist talks about creating today's learning for tomorrow's world

The Game Changers podcast celebrates those true pioneers in education who are building schools for tomorrow. In this seventh episode of Series Seven of the Game Changers podcast, we talk with Loni Bergqvist, Founder of Imagine If, a Denmark-based organization, supporting schools with reimagining education. Loni started her career in education teaching at a traditional school in San Diego, California. She became a project-based learning 'convert' when she started attending night school in Leadership at the High Tech High Graduate School of Education. She began to try (with little success) to do projects in her own class. Loni could see very clearly that her students needed real-world projects desperately but would probably never have access to this type of learning. Since 2014, Loni has been working with schools around the world to re-imagine education. Her project-based learning expertise has been used in several international initiatives, including REAL-Projects (Innovation Unit, United Kingdom) and LEAPS (Kata Foundation, Denmark).

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